Awakening Stage| November 2012

My November post is the most difficult ever..

One thing is when I had too many topics to write down,
and another when unexpected works has dragged  me out  from here.
Some drafts were appeared in front of my eyes, but not the single one can kick me.
Again, I need to break down my perfection attitude.

Perfectionist….. Idealist…….Realistic

These words reminds me something….

It’s getting more often when I heard people talk about “ideal” and “real” world.
What do I mean by “REAL WORLD” is situations that happen in everyday life;
wars, crimes, natural disasters, corruption, power of materialism, economic, politic…etc…
While “IDEAL WORLD” happens to be too perfect to be true.

Consequently, an outside world has a huge effect to our little world.
The more materialism, the thicker mask people need to wear..
We start to prejudice others and concerned  on our “Self Image” more than ” Real Self”
Well, this “REAL SELF” is defined as the true nature of us.
(To make it clear, real world create the value of self image which,
make people concern on their image rather than real selves. )

When it came to the time that I need to decide my own way of life..
No doubt, these controversy confused me!
What should I listen to? Real world? or Real self?
I kept this question in my mind for awhile.
Until a clear answer came up with two assistances; “Knowledge” and “Wisdom”
Oh!!! I could use knowledge to live in the real world while applying my wisdom to recognize my real self.
I felt little proud with this concept, long enough until one day that I’ve got sick.

Right! The only certain thing in this world  is the “uncertainty”…
And when it comes to last breath, there is nothing that matters..
No need to think about what to follow, what to concern, what to do… Etc..
While world is changing everyday and self  concept is actually not real ( human just set it up)

At the end of the day,
I own nothing, not even a body..
I am nothing, once when I’m gone..
Finally, there is no “I” or “MY”

My questions has lost their values…
The Nature runs by itself… everything has come and gone like circle…
We are actually only a tiny part of it but we’re so arrogant to  assume that we are the greatest.

So what then?
Am I gonna isolate myself and live in the jungle instead?
Will I do nothing as I will die anyway?
Should I go against the real world?
Will I only make myself happy as much as I can?
And a lot more to think of….

The answer is big “NO”
There is nothing to do with it!!!
This “awakening” state of mind just let me see the whole picture,
understanding the truth/the fact without any emotional or other attachment.
It helps me deal with decision making and  live among chaos with mind clear.
These true principles detached me from expectation and welcome things with acceptance.
It also helps me relax and stop pushing myself with pressure.
I enjoy more in every moment while I am helping people around,
I live with “worry-free”and “fear-free”
and so on…

I then realized,
Without it, I would fear to launch this website.
I would follow blindly in what other says,
I could not trust myself…
And at last, I could become insane

For anyone who might doubt, this is the story of how I am an author here..

Thank you to read to this line:)
The 2th


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