Gentle War | Peggy Wauter + Nir Segal

Artist : Peggy Wauters (Above)

Peggy Wauters, an artist that came from Belgium, has explored her interests; forms, rhetoric of historical myth, and carnival culture through sculptures, collages, and installations.

“Gentle War” The exhibition was curated by Brian Curtin at 100 Tonson Gallery in Bangkok from 19 June – 10 August 2014. It shows the contrast between 2 artists under the same concept of re-making visual and material cultures.

For me, symbol seems to play a major role here. It is important for audience to know the story behind each piece since it has involved with artists background. Such Wauters demonstrated her culture of the carnival which celebrating the welcoming of spring after the long period of winter. It shows the sign of new born, happiness, and playful moment within her selective of mediums, colors, and characters.

Segal, on the other hand, explored his “out of frame” thoughts by using the local objects and turn into a piece of art. For example, the “dots” that represents the condition of “sold” has done differently with the new patterns. I was convinced to look at things without the judgement but in creative way. It is though led me realize how we get used to  interpret things around us without a second thought and how we forget the verse “it is what it is….” -Olive & The 2th-

Special Thanks : 100 Tonson Gallery & Nuchanart Sansaneh for the warm welcome and useful information.

Artist: Nir Segal (Below)

Nir Segal is based in Tel Aviv and about to continue his doctoral degree at Slade School of art, London. His works currently address the barrier of painting based on different cultures, values, and perception. His exploration involves the twist of methods and materials to elaborate the relationship of  abstract, overlooked, and figurative.


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