It’s nothing more but less (rest)!

Hi ya’ll,
I need to admit that the October’s post is more difficult than I thought,
I always get stuck when I have to write a specific topic especially in what I promised the reader.
My thought went so complicated when the simplicity should take place.

Well, well….. why not start now?

According to the last topic,
I mentioned the way to balance the body by focusing on work less, and listen to your body more.
It is actually easy and very simple, which everyone knows it very well.
You don’t need to take any courses.
But you need to pay attention and obey your body!

So far, the modern lifestyle might make us rely on the situation.
It probably interrupt the natural flow of life in each day,
And before we recognise, it might be too late to fix.
Before getting into any details, I would like to ask you some questions
Are we corrupting the simple way of life?

♦ When you get hungry, but need to finish the work within 2 hours,
what do you choose? eat or work?

♦ When you feel sleepy, but still in the middle of something,
do you continue doing or stop?

♦ When you get bored and you can’t find the reason why,
do you choose to move your body ? or stay in the same position?

♦ When you go outside or work, do you drink water?

♦ When you feel tired, do you take a rest?

In your answers, they refer to your priorities.
To stay balance, you need to get back to your body.
Which means, you have to listen up and follow it.

Here is the tricks (which is not the tricks!)

♠ Find something to eat when you get hungry, and stop when you start to full.

♠ Sleep when you are sleepy, and wake up when your body awake.

♠ Do some exercises when you get bored.

♠ Drink water when you are thirsty (with more often you forget to feel that you’re thirsty)

♠ Take a rest when you feel tired. (before you get sick)

♠ Go get some sunlight, when you feel blue!

♠ Give you body the first priority, not the second priority.

I hope, this topic would remind you your nature in some point.
It’s hard to believe that doing these simple tricks would gain so much benefits.
It is amazing when we start to hear our bodies again.
The weight stop bouncing up and down when we have enough sleep with proper meals.
The peaceful mind is set, when we don’t eat too much or too less.
The creativity comes when we have enough sleep.
We wake up with fresh body and mind with the full of energy and be ready to anything!….

If you don’t believe, try it yourself!

*Thank you  Setthasiri Krungthepkritha, for the nice room model”
Cheers,-The 2th –


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