How to stay balance between work and your health? 

My work & body

I’ve recently busy with the work, which I do really enjoy all the process and progress.
In each day, I was excited to discover new things to learn, new people to meet, or even new content I need to work on.
However, these new stuffs affect my health and body.

Here is what happened in last month,

Even though I work simultaneously along my intuition, it is still excessive to my body.
When I chose to work before bed for the emergency case,
it caused the turbulent of thoughts during my sleep.
Consequently, I woke up in the morning with an exhausted feeling.
My energy dried up in the middle of the day and all gone in the evening.
At night, I was sleepy so early but I still could not get to sleep as my brain did not shut the system.
I was irritate when I was disturbed by sound or light when I was going to sleep.
Moreover, my excretory system and body digestion starts to act strange according the changes in activities.

I couldn’t resist my body and need to find out what does really happen inside me.
Well, the answer is easy and simple enough…

My (Experiment) Solutions

No.1: “Focus on work less, listen to body more”

When the circumstance such as schedule was set for the works, I was automatically surrendered by them.
I did not put it down when I took a rest, but obsessively plan and work on it for whole time.
After I realized, I let go of the intention ( i.e. “I will do this,…. “) and let my full body relax before sleep.

No.2: ” Food and Drink” 

My stomach doesn’t like meat especially pork, it loves vegetable, fruits, and water.
When I went to work, I drink too little and did not choose well for the meal. (Focus too much on work)
Sometimes, I thought, little portion of meat would do no harm to me, I was wrong.
I felt uncomfortable in my stomach and body for a whole day.

So I had a try,
I provided my meal only with mainly vegetable and fruits.
Not only the digestion and excretion got back to normal,
but also the fresh and full energy after the tight sleep at night.

No.3: “Exercises”

Frankly, I have not seriously tried on full exercises for this case.
but I loves doing in the body balance technique, developed by F. Matthias Alexander.

Method (Position fixed)

Lie on your back with knee bents and feet flat on the floor, hip-width apart, use thin book instead of pillow.
You may put your hands on your chest, or  besides your body.
Breath in and out along your relax body for 10-20 minutes with eyes open (Preventing you from sleep)
Then you will feel the expansion of your back, slowly get up, relax your neck and let your head free of your body.

No.4: “Have a break”

Having a break is very important,
for this case..  relaxing the body and muscle will give some refreshing to our brains.


Although, we have heard about these basic tips for a long time.
As long as we do not try on ourselves, these guys are only strangers to our bodies.
So why don’t give a little try?
Let your body meets new friends, and you will experience how body loves you.
For the next topic, I will explain more about the no.1 solution for who might feel interested.
Stay tuned 😉

Cheers// The 2th //



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