Talk less and listen more!

In the previous month, other than starting my new role as “researcher”,
I also reunited my  secondary school friends.
The word “Socialize” came back to me again this time.

I created the “Group Line” to start the conversation.
Oh! how quiet It was!
I was nervous as I expected the fun and loud group chat.
However, I decided to stop worrying and let it be by then.

Lowering my expectation was definitely work so well.
I accept that we cannot control how people would interact to each other,
and the best I can do is just let the conversation flow simultaneously.

This situation reminded me of my English class.
I was the leader of the group of novel’s writing,
that we needed to create a story line and present in front of the class.

At the first day of gathering in group, the teacher asked me to stay back after the class.
What would it be? I wondered..

The teacher started with how good of my corporation in class.
he said that I expressed my idea too much in the group,
while others feel inferior and had nothing to say.

He suggested me to “talk less and listen more”

Yes, I followed his advice in the next day.
Amazingly, I saw the group was driving from no particular one, but everyone.
I felt their openness as well as creativities.
It was fresh and simultaneous that I didn’t have to control anything!

Flashing back to the present.
The situation is not different from my English class.
I, again, told myself to “talk less and listen more!”

Yes, the same thing happened …
The chat group was so loud and fun when the time comes.

Thank you Denny, my teacher, for teaching me that… 

-The 2th-


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