~ G I V E ~

Hi! all….

April is a month that I’ve finally turned 31!
Wishing myself to enjoy my 30s before 40s is reaching me.

Whatsoever, no matter how old I am,
I cannot escape the life lesson that often comes visit me for the whole time.
And here is another lesson of the month!

Few weeks ago, I’ve been taught by the moment of giving.
By deciding to give or lend money (or not) to my relative who was broke in the middle of job transition,
It was more difficult than I thought I would be.

Oh! dear,
‘Rationality’ started to fight with ‘Feeling’ which went on and on.
The big YES came from my feeling while
big NO brought along its friends; reasons!

Seriously, I had no way out on my own.
So, I asked the most generous person I’ve ever met about the matter of giving.
He said;

“Giving doesn’t need the brain but heart…It is just the gift.
If you wanna give, just give…that’s it!
However, just making sure that you feel comfortable with it, 
and wouldn’t be in trouble by giving it.”

“Well, but it wouldn’t solve the real problem eh?“, I argued


He replied;
“Solve or not solve doesn’t matter at all!
The matter is HELPING or not
You wouldn’t know if it could extend another life for weeks or months.
You wouldn’t know if it probably be the best opportunity for them to move on.
when we have enough and be able to give others, just help them out as much as we can.

Well, and after that, do not expect anything in return, 
just give and then forget about it!”

A long pause after the conversation.
I  slowly unlocked my previous attitude and started to accept the generous way of thinking.
No doubt, my answer was YES for giving with an affordable amount of money…..
I felt relieved and had a big smile to myself.

“FORGET” was unbelievably a hard thing to do.
It actually took me couple of days….lol

And here comes, my feeling after all this things happened,

“Giving has an amazing boundless energy!

Although I didn’t expect anything back in return, I did receive such light and bright feeling. 
It lifted up my heart and wiped out my worries.
It also told me that….giving is the real gift for everyone!.”

Thanks for the lesson of the month!
Sending love to all readers here ❤

Cheers, The 2th


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  1. Mary Kirby says:

    Hi Vircho,

    What a compassionate person you are! It really warmed my heart.

    With your permission, I would love to post your blog (“Give”) on our external website: http://earthschool.life. We can provide author byline and a link to your website, if you’d like. You can use your real name or pen name. You’ll also be entered into our quarterly writing contests. No entry fee. My email is contact@earthschool.life.

    Would this be okay? Thank-you for your consideration!

    1. vircho says:

      Thank you Mary, for creating the inspiring website of Earthschool Life.
      I am honoured to be a part of the great place like this.

      I’ve sent you an email, please feel free to contact me if you have further question.

      Thank you so much 🙂

  2. Mary Kirby says:

    Hi Olive. Thank-you for your generosity and your contribution to EarthSchool.Life! “GIVE” will go live this Monday morning (by Olive Oil) on http://earthschool.life. Nice Weekend, Mary.

  3. Mary Kirby says:

    And Happy Birthday this month! 🙂

    1. vircho says:

      Thank youuuu Mary ^^

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