“Itself” not “Myself”


The shortest month has passed with its 28 days  while leaving the lesson for me to learn again.
Of course, having no answer is the reason of the 0 post last month.

Just like the topic, “Itself” not “Myself”,
you might be able to guess in what I am going to write down.
Living among the chaos is full of angles,
however the outside factors did not do much to me as much as the inside.
I guess, it happened to many of us when the insomnia came visiting.

Last couple of weeks,
I started to think deeply how “soul” existed and took place in the body.
And I found a conclusion that soul was not only existed in one generation but over the thousands years.

To explain roughly, soul is like the software programme while body is like the hardware computer.
Body would do nothing without soul… like the computer is nothing without the software inside.
This software would develop over time from 1 life = 1 time and has accumulated up until now.

That’s why we have our own habit, characteristics since we were born.
(Whatsoever, it is just the belief and I sum up without any evidences to support)

But when it touch the topic of “spiritual”, I was buried into myself; my mind, my thought and my emotion.
It was full of thoughts and opinions inside my mind all day and night.
I tried to put myself into sleep, I tried to clear my mind by saying let it go.
But it didn’t work out, even got worse….

I felt uncomfortable like I was trapped inside the body and nothing could help me out.
Yes, it was the beginning of Insomnia!!

The answer came from my friend who passed thorough this experience (which I found out it is so universal!)
He told me to withdrawing myself from the oneself by the concept of “I do not own anything”.
It means, I do not own not even the body, soul, mind, or brain, as they are truly belong to the nature
and nothing could control them including me because they have their own system.

– Spontaneous –

Finally, when I do not interfere the nature, everything got back to normal.
No more insomnia, no more heavily focusing and thinking.
No more prison inside and it is just simply the true freedom!

Well, yes.. it is as it is…itself, not myself..



Olive & The 2th


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