How to let go of the future thought?

Hi everyone,

In the previous post, I have written the topic of how to let go of the past..
Today, I am going to move on and replace the past by the future.

It is such a normal thing when the stage of life begin to shift from one to another,
I feel the worry of future jumping around me.
It started with the thinking of the situation in next couple of months after I will finish my current project,
followed by the thought of solution for those (assuming) problems.

 I became obsessed in planning stuffs and lost my attention to the work I was working on and
inevitably felt the pressure, no matter how great of my prep. solution.
So what should I do when things (that not happen yet) keep me worry?

Here came the answer last night which remind me of the zero stage.
“0” just like the present,  it is the end of the past and beginning of the future. 
To get back to zero means to appreciate the present time.

Letting go of the future thoughts depend on how much do we trust ourselves, our fates, and our lives.
For some people might have a whole family in their hands or the employees in their companies.
If we take a close look at it,
letting go is one of the greatest lesson to kill the fears and release ourselves from the attachment or desires.


Here is little tips to let go

– Ask yourself what are you actually holding on/afraid of /expect
– Just cross out the judgement especially the words “failure” or “success
– Trust your pathway and your guts.
– Accept the truth and focus in what we can do now.
– Do your best in every “now”
– If you want to plan but can’t do it now, keep it in your notebook and put it down…..don’t recycle!
– Stop planning and JUST DO IT NOW!


For me,
“Enough” is the magic word that softening my ambition.
I step down to who I actually am… not I will.
I started to appreciate my life when I am still alive today.
I learn to flow along the tempo of life again..
The worry-free….. here it comes!

* Note: There is nothing wrong with future thoughts.
but if it makes us feel stressful..won’t it be better to let go?

-The 2th-


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