Share the love, share your beautiful moment

February is about to pass, and I just loveee the moment of sharing.

“Love” is a tender and soft power that create hugeee impact to the world.

For this month, I have some suggestions that you probably have forgotten when you face a busy life.  It is just ordinary things though, everyone knows but strangely not doing it.. The society now focus too much on material and ignore the simplest things that we have.

So, I just pop it here for just in case 🙂

1. Hugs

Talking about hug, this is actually not a part of my culture, but I learned it when I was in the states. Here, we are too shy to express love through hugs or words with parents, family or friends…..Hugs help people boosting up their energy, it transfers love, care and warmth to reach the soul directly without saying a word. I love this method as it is the easiest and efficient way to make others feel my love.

2. Wholeheartedly smile

Nothing could beat the smile that comes from our hearts. It could turn someone else’s blue day to a bright day. It helps lifting up the surrounding atmosphere to be positive and yes… will make others smile as well.

3. Kind and positive words

Words are important enough to turn your emotion back and forth. I believe in using nice and positive words that help both yourself and others feel relieved and have peace in their mind.

4. Forgive and let go of the past..

Everyone can make mistake…forgiveness could be done by understanding their circumstances and state of minds. It is though difficult when their sins might turn down your life….but well, to finished their negative impacts, you need to learn to forgive them from heart otherwise, you will be stuck with the wound that never ever be healed. It is the biggest love ever! And also, forgive yourself for any mistakes, just learn from it and do not repeat it again.

5. Give a hand…

Just give a hand when someone needs your help. Well, it is impossible to do if you aren’t ready…..but if you do, just go for it!

6. Stop criticizing

This is how we could openly listen to someone and truly get to understand them. Instead of keep criticizing and holding your opinion, why don’t we give our kindness by accepting the different thought among us!?

7. Give is the gift…..don’t expect anything back

When we give,we sometimes expect something from them such as the smile, thank you, positive feedback….etc.In reality, not everyone that will appreciate in what we give. But give is a gift…do not think or feel bad about it even if you receive the negative feedback.

8. Love and be kind to yourself

If we cannot be kind or give love to ourselves, you will get so tired easily. You would feel lonely and deeply need someone to fill you up with their loves. So, this is the root…..frequently give yourself love with positive word, kindness and forgiveness.

These are just some easy tips that you can do everyday with yourself and others, enjoy and cheers for the month of love 🙂

-The 2th-


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