November’s thought | 2013

Let it be me in the topic of November 2013…
For some reasons, I always review myself by the end of each year; mistakes, progress, pass events… etc
Not just for accepting but improving myself holistically.
My time is slowly dropping out while I am using it…
Yes, I am still aware of the life’s shortage.
These are what I have learnt ….. again and again…

Nothing is more important than the end of our lives..
The last breath, last thought, last moment before we were drawn out.

Nothing is more important than letting things go…
Forgives others and ourselves…. before leaving the world peacefully…

Nothing is more important than doing our best when we are alive.
Taking care of others and sharing love around.
Helping people by heart and soul…

No matter how rich you are, you are still sleep and eat with pretty much the same amount.
No matter how big is our home… the real home is our body and soul.
So, make sure you are all taking care of them..
Clean all dust and mess that the wind blew from outside…

We are all have time….. it depends.. how much would you spend your time worthy enough.

Cheers, The 2th


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