October 2013 | Lyrics…

The world now is moving faster than ever,
I somehow wish it could be slower..
As when people are hurrying to catch dreams in the future…..
They always forget to take a deep breath.

They carry their tools for jobs…
They seek the way to climb up nonstop…
Oh yes, they need money to survive…. survive….
As long as they are alive….alive….

One hundred, thousand, or million..
No no, it ain’t enough.. not just yet..
Let it be brilliant or trillion…
And I will then do nothing….

Oh money is  god…
You cannot live without a thought…
How to keep your lives without brought
when you are running out of notes and coins.

There are lots of way…
In black, in white, or in grey.
or even finding some preys.
And find which is possible way.

Trick or treat is what people say…
Oh com’on everyday ain’t holloween’s day.
I wonder what would they say.
of how you drag my trust away.

Swindle spreads around…
Hiding their faces among the crowd…
Proudly perform beneath expensive clothes.
Like a wolf pretends to be a white sheep .

Oh! you shall believe me…
The good purpose is what I have
I will help you in the matter that you struggle.
Just pay me to handle!


We live without a thought…
We eat without the pause…
We sleep with some  worried.
and we always ask about the money.

It is just the way .. the way…
That people start to accept unconditional to get pay.
I feel sad to see these things for many days..
Nothing can’t turn to old days.

–The 2th–


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