Exit way of Thought Loop

Hi guys,

I apology for skipping the post in February, which I thought I finished! (haha)
Last month, I had just delivered my new portfolio, that I always want to get it separate from this one. Though, I am still working on its rhythm, to create some flow and inspiration.

Living with a speed of life in modern days is not an easy task, it’s so easy to get lost, doubt or get confused but hard to find a right answer to balance out. The increasing ways of communication somehow weaken the relationship with ourselves and others. Self image becomes more vital than true-self. Money plays a crucial big part in city life.

When I take a close look and listen to people around, I discovered the feeling of struggle to survive in this fast-pace world, the reflection that being trapped in thoughts, or the attempt that we put so much energy in what we believe. Our minds are so ready to wander around deeper and deeper, and get heavier and heavier in our feeling.

Here, I have some tips that might help us when thought loops happen.

  1. Restart | The best ever short cut is, “stop thinking in sudden” or “Get blank”. It’s nothing wrong with mind blank when we have time out, in the opposite, this will give us a “refreshing” moment, just like the “restart” button on the computer.

  2. Truly accept thought and feeling | In case that we are stuck in the thought, feel so upset or heavy, let us “accept” it first. It’s ok to let it be. Stop blaming ourselves or others, stop finding the reasons, stop finding the solution….If we truly accept it then, the whirlpool of thought will start to fade away…little by little…….by itself.

  3. Give your brain a break! | At least 2 hours before bed, stay relax as much as possible.  Our brains need a break after a long day by just switch off your working mode to get a full sleep and wake up with great energy. If you have an important meeting in the next morning, plan well to finish it earlier!

  4. Embrace the dead-end situation | The dead-end situation always have a new way. First,  stop focusing on the situation, step backward to get yourself some air.  Release ourselves from the act of control and expectation by accepting the situation. Say “NO” to the thought loop that call you back in, instead… embrace in what you have at a moment. Do not rush to seek the solution yet if you can’t see things holistically, let your mind take some rest, so it can work efficiently when it ready…… When the right time comes, the answer will appear in different forms and bring light bulb to our minds!“The life always goes up and down, once we fall into the bottom, it means, the new stage is coming up soon, just like the spring after the winter season.”

  5. Live like we were dying | I often worry about the future, it creeps into my nerve, my fear and turn into the pressure. It always telling me that I need more of this, more of that. I know there are lots of things going on out there, we have schedule for 3 months, 6 months or even a year ahead. But the future is the future, there is nothing to gain by wasting our energy on worrying about things that not yet coming. Isn’t it better living with our full energy in the present time day by day or live like we were dying? And YES…it’s much happier as well!!!

The tough time is just like a big boss that come and challenge our egos, be humble and learn from our mistakes. Then, the peaceful life will be offered.

Have a happy time in April,
The 2th


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