Relationship | ME & LIFE

(Image: The exhibition of Peggy Wauters |

February….the month of love,
I came up with nothing but my experience.
The relationship between ‘me’ and ‘life’

The life has its own life…
Being able to control it in short term doesn’t mean we’ll win the life!
But finally the life will win us, when all kind of suffers occur to us.
Don’t forget to love the life…
Don’t forget to take care of it.
Don’t forget to let it free..
And do remember to be kind to yourself  ^^

In the past week, I was drowning in my own thoughts and opinions.
Surrounded by fog I created myself, was not fun at all.
I couldn’t see things clearly as it is…
I put a lot of meaning into stuffs, and created an illusion of the future.
The fear seemed to hunt me again…
I wanted this or that happen in the future,
but got upset when the current situation doesn’t show the sign of possibility.
and I didn’t even know until I finally felt worried.

I told myself  to TRUST and BELIEVE in my LIFE.
I realised that I had too much expectation and tried to control it

“So, I again let the life run itself.”

Life loves the freedom..
I also embrace the present time and
get to know that there is never enough for us to be satisfied.
I slowed down my opinions and the duality.

Yes, the fog began to disappeared,
and I… could see the bright blue sky again.

Much love,
The 2th.


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