How to work happily?

I’ve finally have a chance to get to know how salary man feel?
The pressure of work loads with deadlines.
Everything seems so important that can’t be missed.
The worry of boss’s comments….

Well,  I’ve started new job in a new workplace last couple of weeks.
It was my first time to have an official desk which I still left it empty until now.

It is undeniable that I need to deal with those pressures.
However, I figured out a great way that I can share with others.

When I work to meet with the deadline, I just do it without the thought of how others might think of me.
I have learned to cut the emotions of greed, anger, delusion, and obsession.
And also find some great atmosphere that I can relax and enjoy doing the tasks.

To adapt myself with the new way of life including transportation around 3 hours a day,
I arranged it in the most suitable way for me..
For example,
I make sure that during I work, I would do nothing else apart from work.
I make sure that It doesn’t disturb my free time, sleep time, exercise time, or family time.
I put everything down when I finish.. and take some rest to get fresh in the morning.
I don’t work late at night, but early in the morning.

Why do I choose this way?
I personal believe that we would work best in the best condition of body and soul.
There is not productive at all when we get worry in what we are doing.
It is the waste of energy to be afraid of others’ comments or the mistakes.
Just do our best as much as we can.

What happen when the mistake occurs?
Just solve it, redo it…
Just don’t feel sad about it, stop complaining…it is just the sake of work detail!

By connecting to my intuition, I noticed the incredible results in many ways.
Indeed, the true human nature is smarter and wiser than we thought we are.
Only when we are open enough and trust the life without fear.

The project that I currently working on is challenging and full of problems to solve.
Not a second that I feel scare of or come up with the “can’t”

It is the matter of how we choose to do it..
But first, let’s stop worrying about it, keep calm, and enjoy 🙂

Be kind to yourself and enjoy whatever you do.
Olive & The 2th


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  1. another great thought I have learnt today 🙂

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