Life’s Design | “Less is More”


A lot of time, I have heard the long lasting debate whether we can design our life or not!
On one hand, it is about the fate, while another is about how we create it.


I believe in both sides.
For the former, I cannot choose the family/ location/body/or even my expiration date.
Those are out of my control… and I truly deeply accept them as a gift of nature.

However, the latter is interesting!


When I had a training in childcare, It was so amazing to observe inborn traits in toddlers.
Those little children were all unique and so pure, that obviously showed their interests and development.
During their imitation stage, they started to learn every single thing and complement it in different way.

Oh! yes, that was also the time they upload new mixing pattern of emotions, logics,
thoughts and attitudes from things and people around them.
And this…. is how we unconsciously create our paths a bit by bit when we grow up.


Since the beginning that I started this site, I’ve been believing in my transformation and the freedom of life.
I took some time off.. and learned how to change my life’s pattern from chaos to the peaceful style.

Before, I was a person who melted in everything I feel interested..
I was always easily jumped into many social circles where I felt so happy to know more people and enjoy learning new things.
I used to be so was full of schedules and events.
Well, I couldn’t say that I no more having these inspiring moments.
I still do….


But when the time gone by, the life is also slow down.

I’d rather say,

I am more careful in making choice, concentrate, and let go of alternative options.

The consequence is the arising of


“TIME” and “SPACE”


My life has changed ….. in the whole new peaceful way.
I still catch up with my best friends (Less but full of quality!)
I still do what I love and even better than before.
I travel and learn much more…
Within time and empty space…
It is the abundant sources of true inspiration and creativities…


And the best of all, the happiness occurs inside me everyday 🙂

So, here is just the way I design my life….it might seems so boring..

But once you try your way,
you will definitely understand the meaning of

“Less is More”


~ The 2th ~


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