Dear the 20th century parents & the 21st century kids.

Hello 2019,

The beginning of the year of 2019 has passed just like the end of 2018. Again and again that I’ve found myself away from this site, though still keep it for reminding the truth along the life’s principle.

From last 2 years until now, I have been involved with parenting and raising children, not as parents but auntie for my niece and nephew. I’ve watched them grown up beautifully and I am happy to be a little part of their childhood. In each stage of their development in both physical and mental, I reckon that there are so many theories out there, which aim to help parents to bring up their children. I too, am among them.

On the other hand, I am now starting to be aware of the information I am taking up and start to think deeply about the way to teach next generation.  I was raised during  the 20th century, the time that mobile phone was not yet existed. On the contrary, children in 21st century are raised within the disruptive world, where soon becomes their playground, the illusion of virtual reality becomes real. Information in the form of coding, big data, or genetic codes become the root of all things, everything is going to connect online, visible, and traceable.  Easy enough, their mind will be flooded by the information just in a second, their health, relationship, preferences.. etc. are more into public, which they will be told to “keep it private” online. And yes…… we are teaching them as 20th century parents who were born close to the nature, physical reality, and bit of slow paradigm shift.

How to raise children to face the world of 21st century is a big question for me. However, I can see the trend toward ‘mindfulness’, ‘work life balance’,  ‘ sharing economy’, etc. It seems that, adults start to fully aware of the vital of peacefulness, which, then pass to their community and children as well.

In one angle, the gap between the technology and humanity is getting wider. In another, I can see the great combination of them. With the helper of Artificial Intelligence, it will  be very resourceful but needs to be aware of how it might control over  people decisions, and with the peaceful mind, people will be able to share more loves and bring the best to the world.

For me, The next question becomes.. ” How do we teach our children to combine the intelligence and wisdom? How to teach them to stay in the eye of the storm, see the roots of the reality, create new solutions, as well as helping others to find their way out of their suffering?” This then, drive me enough…… to seek the way of teaching from legendary philosophy, old wisdom, modern science, psychology or neurology to the most fun, creative and innovative way.

Well, this is not the first time that I come up with the big question in my mind. Since the seeking of the truth within myself has been already quite done, yet still going on. I shall move to expand and explore the way of sharing the peacefulness way of life to my next generation then. This shall maintain my involvement to continue writing for my readers even more.

Happy New Year | 2019 | The year of Golden PIG!
Olive & The 2th


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