The Art of Dress: Movana Chen & Man Fung Yi

Place: Louis Vuitton Store, Marina Bay Sands Shopping Centre |  Singapore
Date: 19 September 2012

The art of Dress aims to explore the notion of everyday made universal through art.

It is an exhibition of work by two Hong Kong Chinese artists that explores the essence of dress as an abstract concept.

Both Movana Chen and Man Fung Yi use the idea of clothing as a metaphor for the body of humanity and the fact that we are all individually, gloriously different.

We travel to different countries in order to experience for ourselves the differences between cultures. This exhibition celebrates both those things that make us uniquely different and those that bind us together.

We are all the sum of our every experience with every person, place and thing that we encounter,
either in the real world of our physical existence, or in the no less real virtual world that we experience through our use of intellect and emotion.
Art offers us a way to experience the past, present and future as a single undivided existence.
In their artworks these artists explore experiences that now only exist in memory.

        – by The Art of Dress-