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  • April 2014

    Welcome to my next revolution..
    The combination that I put into my work...
    Keep follow up the progress later on:)

    ซึ่งก็ต้องติดตามผลกันต่อไปค่ะ :)

    //The 2th's Diary//


Share the love, share your beautiful moment

February is about to pass, and I just loveee the moment of sharing. “Love” is a tender and soft power that create hugeee impact to the world. For this month, I have some suggestions that you probably have forgotten when you face a busy life.  It is just ordinary things though, everyone knows but strangely … Continue reading


The rhythm in Jan’14

Happy New Year 2014 :) As the new year come by, I can’t help myself thinking about my days.. It’s just like the rhythms in music which create the beauty of life in different ways Well, I  realize… My life’s movements shift constantly between allegretto(fast) and andante(slow). I let my rhythm in daily life rolls … Continue reading

December 2013 | The end + The beginning

Only a few weeks, another year round will be reach. Here again, I am living thorough 2013 and get ready for upcoming 2014 I enjoy reviewing the whole year events including my habit changes, my career’s improvement, my social life..etc. Though, the principle of life is still in my mind, the way I see this … Continue reading

November’s thought | 2013

Let it be me in the topic of November 2013… For some reasons, I always review myself by the end of each year; mistakes, progress, pass events… etc Not just for accepting but improving myself holistically. My time is slowly dropping out while I am using it… Yes, I am still aware of the life’s … Continue reading


October 2013 | Lyrics…

The world now is moving faster than ever, I somehow wish it could be slower.. As when people are hurrying to catch dreams in the future….. They always forget to take a deep breath. They carry their tools for jobs… They seek the way to climb up nonstop… Oh yes, they need money to survive…. … Continue reading

photo-3 copy

September 2013 | Let go of Feeling & Emotion

After an exciting month has just passed, it is my quiet down period, the best time for sharing my thought. Why do I bring this up after the “Self Acceptance” topic? If you could remember, the way to accept ourselves starts from facing our weaknesses. Thus, when we are revealing, our memory would flash back … Continue reading


August 2013 | Self Acceptance

The 8th month is finally arrive! I feel completely blessed throughout the passing time since this site has been started. I appreciate all of my readers who spend your valuable time in here. In what I share some helpful things has returned me the self-checked, and more experience gained by my honest and sincere writing … Continue reading


July 2013

Hi, my readers :) Today is such a beautiful Saturday with blue sky, sun shine, and windy. My balcony was again set as the workplace and I love to listen to the ringing sound of wind while I’m working on this topic. สวัสดีผู้อ่านค่ะ วันนี้เป็นวันสุดสัปดาห์ที่สดใสและอากาศดีค่ะ ไม่ว่าจะเป็นสีท้องฟ้าที่เข้มปรี๊ดตัดกับเมฆขาว หรือจะเป็น แสงอาทิตย์ยามเช้ากับลมจางๆ หลังจากที่เราเว้นระยะการเขียนมาสักพัก เจ้าระเบียงบ้านก็กลายเป็นที่ทำงานโปรดอีกครั้ง และมันก็ทำหน้าที่ได้อย่างเยี่ยมยอดกับเสียงกรุ๊งกริ๊งของกระดิ่งลมที่มาอยู่เป็นเพื่อน I have actually finished the … Continue reading


In the middle of mind | June 2013

Here I am again, get back and share something that hopefully is practical and useful for you. Last month, I pointed out the consequence from small to big decisions, which create your life’s pattern and turn into a direction. This month though is the next part, that is more detail on the dealing with choices. … Continue reading


May | or may not [Decision Making]

May or May not The month of MAY reminds me of the uncertainty and decision making. Since, anything may happen soon or later and yet we don’t really know exactly! And if we choose this or that, the result would come out differently. A lot of time, we choose something important in life from our … Continue reading

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